Tuesday, June 22, 2010


CAPPADOCIA- it means a place of the beautiful horses..but i dun see any of them actually..hehe

macam unta kannn?

from the top ;)

this is the place that i love the most, it is very unique compared to Istanbul with its beautiful scenery and wonderful landscape. Subhanallah. the journey to cappadocia took about 12 hours from Istanbul by bus. it was very tiring but unforgettable experience..haha.. what so special about the bus was, they have bus attendance as if steward..haha. they provide us with free coffee, jus and even some snacks. classss!!

for the first time in my life, i stayed at the cave hostel there. it was a real cave! actually there is so many cave hostels around cappadocia n i guess it is one of the tourist attraction as well. we chose to stayed at Yasin's Backpackers hostel. firstly, me, iffah, yien n farah were really excited to sleep in the cave but during midnight, everyone was like scared as if there was a ghost there. hohoo.. we end up recite a very long 'doa tidur' and of course-no lights off ;P

cave hostel

to make our journey easier, we all agreed to take a tour package which include tourist guide, transportation and also lunch.. the price quite ok laaa ;P. together with our new frens from korea, hong kong, brazil (if i'm not mistaken) and a few more country..we managed to explore some underground cities, hiking at a very beautiful place (cant remember the name..hehe) and also visit the open museum.. actually, there are a few more places that we went but it just not in my mind rite noww..huhuu.

one whole happy grup plus annoying tourist guide, really dislike her for taking my cute hat..haha- (panjang ceritanya)

ohh..one more tourist attraction here is hot ballon air. but we didnt get a chance to try them
becoz it was soooooooooo much expensive about 150euro per person for only one hour. gilerr mahall!!

besides it beautiful scenery, the people there are very generous n really frenly especially their muslims. i still remember this one uncle, name Mustapha (kalo x silap), treat us cay ( tea in turkish) after we perform isya' prayer at one of the mosque there. he can speak english quite well. i did ask how he learned english and he said from tv. amazing ;)

okey, my eyes getting sleepy already..ohhh no!! i have more to share ;(..well, just let the photos do the talk.. maybe next time i'll continue. see yaa..lots of luv from me (^_^)

4 of us at the top of the world ;)


me n iffah ;)

p/s : kat turkey ni kan, hari-hari brekfast menu same je.. telur,timun, tomato, roti ngan jem and air tea..hehe, tapi sedapp.. syukur alhamdulillah.