Sunday, July 17, 2011

me. free time. books :)

assalamualaikum and hi to all my frens.....

gosh, i tot this holiday will actually give me extra time to update my blog... but not work for me at all..haha

1 month and half already... i think i'm done with atleast half of my s0 called mission. thank you Allah :)

by the way.. im not a big fan of reading before, but apparently i'm starting to read a lottt during this free time (since one of my mission is to read a lot of 'ilmiah book')hehe. what a bless :).. however.. i end up reading more novel style books rather than factual a.k.a skema books..grrrr. xkesahla kan, as long as i learned something from other people piece of mind.

ok2... currently i'm reading Hlovate novel- contengan jalanan after finished with stanza cinta by nur halawati. both are absolutely worth to read for those who love islamic style novel like me :D.

just to share a few of wonderful words from the author of 'contengan jalanan'..i managed to quote some of them from the novel (actually this is one of my hobby sice ages ago- collecting 'kata-kata hikmah' from boooks, well known people n etc....tapi dah lama x wat keje nih :D )

check these out..maybe u'll like them

  1. life is short.
  2. lead.dont be led
  3. Q: what if you stop playing 'what ifs? A: you'll get some work DONE.
  4. finding gratification is not hard.. simplicity does it easy :)
  5. being different brings oddballs together. normal is overrated anyway.
  6. live the moment. cherish the present. anticipate the future. frame the yesteryrar
  7. never assune. ask
  8. never imitate. create
  9. respecting request, rules and privacy is a universal law. u break that basic Etiquette 101, u'r seriously flawed.
  10. the man who decided to change on the 12th hour dies on the 11th
  11. the world ia a wrld-class class, use it wise
  12. dont judge a travel plan from its dossieer. to know, be there
  13. act dumb. you'll learn more
  14. life is full of changes. and surprises, and the inexplicable(s)
  15. to live is to lrarn, and to learn is o learn
  16. everybody knows death is inevitably coming, but it never fails to catch everybody by surprise every time one is going...
  17. there's a difference between living life and merely being alive
  18. worrying over the yet to be here future, is one tiring thing, if not nerve wrecking
  19. talking is nothing. doing is something
  20. life is full of answer waiting to be discovered
  21. when you think you've it bad, others've had it worse
P/S: tak tahu kenape...but i really love the title of this novel : contengan jalanan :).. next book in the list.. fiqh perubatan and 100 kisah terpilih-berani menghadapi cabaran :D