Saturday, December 18, 2010

it is all because of His blessing...

i wake up this morning and just realize how thankful i am for every single breath that Allah gives me. since me struggling with my final exam this semester, my only focus was books and medic stuffs for at least the past 3 months. and that's it. ( doubt..there were still few more things actually besides medic!! =P..) i just cant believe i survived this tremendous hardest semester ever so far. it was just too much to do and without Allah's blessing and help, i seriously dont think i can make it till today. in fact, being a 3rd year medical student, i can tell u it is all really because His blessing or rahmat, not actually from my effort though how much i study becoz medic is so unpredictable. i still remember one of my fren did tell me - if u achieved sumthing, it is actually only 1% of your effort, the rest of 99% is come from Allah's blessing and help- and it is soooooo true for me. u need Allah in whatever condition because that is what we called 'fitrah'.

and now, after i finished my last paper yesterday, i was so excited and grateful. we went for 'makan-makan', walking along christmas market and spend our night laughing and chatting bout our winter trip, plan for our next holiday and the list just go on and on. provided, it was a perfect night, to celebrate the so called 'freedom' as exam over, with snowww which is just enough to make u think Allah is the greatest. it was so beautiful and very soothing by just looking at it. i just love snow soo much :).

but, the happiness just end there after i received a heart breaking news from my junior saying that Mas afzal had just passsed away after admitted to the icu. me personally, i didnt knoe him as a person as well. i just met him once last summer at one of the summer camp that i attend. he is 26 year old doctor who suffered from Hodgkin lymphoma ( a type of cancer) since december 2008. by looking at him, u will knoe this man is really strong, fighting and struggling for the disease that he has yet, still able to finished his study and motivate others. i wish i'll be as strong as him. but now, that he had gone, it really make me think how close we are to death. it can be today, tomorrow or anytime. Ya Allah, are we ready to face it when the time is finally come?? let 'muhasabah' our own self. may Allah grant us his blessing and good health to do da'wah and good things in this world. to Mas Afzal, may he rest in peace and be in 'syurga' with all the good men.

for this 2 weeks winter break, i hope i can use my time wisely and do a preparation for the next step as medical student as well as prepare my self to become a good muslimah insyaAllah :). i shud pen off now. till we meet again. happy holiday. take a good care of yourself ok. may Allah protect us always. salam =)

p/s : i just finished my 2 and half year of medic school.tq Allah.. 2 and half year more to go. hopefully everything will go smoothly and i pass my exam. pray for me. *luv n hugssss*