Sunday, January 16, 2011

first surgery :) yayyy

sometimes thing happened unexpectedly without u knowing it's gonna be. and when it happened, it just made ur day. well, i guess new experience, new skills, meeting new frens and people,learn new knowledge always be somethings that really made my day every day. i thanked Allah for giving me all this wonderful things although deep from my heart i know that i dun deserved it. alhamdulillah, for almost 3 years as a medical student, i never regret for choosing medicine as a part of my life. yeahh.. it is difficult, it is doubt bout that at all..but that is a challenge for me. no matter how hard it is, if u have the passion..u really can do it!! well, i supposed even the easiest thing would be difficult if u dun have passion! am i right?? sape sokong angkat tangan ok :P

copppp!!! i really dont knoe why i end up writing those thing just now.haha..disoriented at 3am. actually i wanna share this one thing that happened to me recently. i was so excited and thankful to Allah for the chance He gave me.huuhu.. okeh..some might things this is just nothing,but nevermind..i still want to share. dun care!!! =P

it was last friday..i wasnt plan at all to practice scrub in ( something that we have to do before surgery) after my git study group. i just thought to go home and rest. but, thanks so much to my collegue, azri bohari for offering to help me and kamal to learn how to scrub in since we are on surgery attachment next week. well..we just went to the OR and practise scrub in and we thought it wont be any surgery going on that night. but we are wrongg. there was an emergency surgery for 11 year old girl who had appendicitis. the surgeon going to performed appendicectomy on her.. and like i said, things sometimes happend unexpectedly, the surgeon dr.Zafir allowed me to scrub in with him. so coool! i feel like jumping that time..

once u scrub in, u are allowed to touch the patient, to hold the scapel, to hold the scissors and all the surgical thinggy and also to feel patient's organ.. cool isn't?? hehe... i was so nervous at first place considering the fact that i just learnd how to scrub in a few minutes ago. but..i kept on praying in my heart so that Allah will help me to survive in the so called my-first-ever- surgery =)poyo jerr kan..well, just to clarify here..scrub in is not as simple as it is thought.. u got to really do it appropriately so that u wont pass any germs to the patient that might harm them once u r close to them in OR. just imagine, that's a real body lying on the table waiting to be cut open and u dont want to cause them trouble OK. infection control!!

u know wat..i felt like i'm a meredith grey in Grey's anatomy series on that time performing my first ever surgery in my own OR. it just that, there is no derek sheperd that dreaming again... just joking. ok2..enough for tonite..almost 4 oclock.need to sleep now. i c yaa again soon ;)

p/s : tq again to azri bohari n kamal for being in the OR, tq to the surgeon for allowing me to help him performing appendiectomy, tq to the nurse, patricia who is sooo kind giving me inspirational advice and above all TQ ALLAH for this chance. to umi n abah, i will try my best to become a great muslimah doctor. gonna make both of u proud. pray for me :)