Monday, May 14, 2012

Final year? insyaAllah :)

assalamualaikum :)

alhamdulillah....Allah bagi peluang kepada saya untuk menulis lagi di blog ini. teringat beberapa minggu lepas saya dan kawan2 still struggling for our 4th year exam...saye rasa saya tido dlm 4-5 jam je sehari sbb banyak sgt subjek kene cover kan...last wednesday, after finish my ENT oral exam maka berakhirlah semester yg sangat mencabar mental dan fizikal ini..huhu. takbirr!!

hari ni, even it is not official yet but most of us know our result already. those who received no call from medical office means they passed all the papers..and alhamdulillah, praise to Allah..i do passed my papers. jzkk to my abah n umie, my frens, adik-adik n semua yg mendoakan kami disini.

passing 4th year means i left with another one year to get my degree in medicine. Allahuakbar! how times fly so fast that i still couldnt believe that i am this near to become a doctor. besar tanggungjawab tuh n honestly..jantung saya berdebar-deabr bila memikirkan tanggingjawab yg bakal digalas bila mula bekerja nanti. but before that..being a final year student is one thing that is very challenging (according to my seniors). i pray to Allah for strength to stay in this journey...hopefully, with Allah's will, me n all my batchmates will graduate together in June 2013. make a dua for all of us ok :)

seronok sgt tgk seniors yang baru sahaja abes final exam n berjaya!! this year in galway..all final year malaysians pass the exam..congratulations ladss!! u guys deserved it!

insyaAllah our time will be next yearr!! more hard works i guess :)) ..but totally worth it..yeahh! telling my self to keep on fighting no matter how hard it is because i have Allah with me :)

insyaAllah..this is going to be my present to my beloved abah n umie di kelantan...missing them very much. cant wait to go home this 16th june..yayyyy!! finally > <

oklah..semoga Allah merahmati sahabat-sahabat semua. teruskan berdoa sebab doa adalah senjata orang muslim. dont forget to pray for our muslim brothers and sisters in palestine, syria, iraq n even in our country, Malaysia!! JATUHKAN KEZALIMAN DAN PENINDASAN!!

p/s: i actually havent really finish my to do 'basic surgical skills' module for another 3 weeks ahead..and after that nephrology elective for two weeks here in galway..thenn--> im done for this semester :)

sempat 'melarikan diri' ke Aran of the most beautiful place in galway! hati sangat tenang melihat keindahan ciptaan Allah..