Sunday, September 11, 2011

after a week: oncall again

apparently so many new things i experienced after a week doing paediatric rotation  :).. even it just only my first week here in galway but it really feels like a month already....i should say tq to all babies n cute little kids in galway for making my week in paeds soo much fun n miserable..huhu

there are mountains of notes that i need to revise and everyday case presentation that i need to attend..well, i am back to my what so called kehidupan-budak-medic from 9am in the morning to...i dun knoe..depends on how dedicated u r as a medic me..we can force ourselves to stay in the library for hoursss ^_^... ohh yesss, i forgot to mention, on call is haunting us againn...kudos to all the on call doctors who actually tried their best helping us.

on call is not that bad afterall if u actually doing something and see something and make yourself useful to other people that time... plus!! it will be better if u r not making any night shift doctors or nurses annoyed by looking at you standing near the wall chatting about how good to be on the bed than in emergency department..haha. i had my first on call for this semester last tuesday...and i feel so stupid when taking history from patients (T_T)... i should practice more history taking and physical examination after 3 months not using the skills AT ALL!!!

apapun, akan berusaha dgn lebih gigih!!!!ya ALLAH..bantulah hambaMU ini.. pray for me peeps :)

p/s : i always told myself...sibuk mcm mn pun life as a medical students..hubungan dgn Allah MESTI sentiasa dijaga as well as hubungan sesama manusia esp with our parents and frens... thats give me strength to stay strong..insyaAllah..ok byeeee :)